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HP P2055 Toner (JLT-033)

April 6, 2010 at 8:04 am

HP P2055 Toner

Jadi Imaging Group proudly announces the release of its new HP P2055 toner (JLT-033). It is designed for all applications with low to medium speed printing as mentioned above. This HP-P2055 toner is a highly sought after toner product in the aftermarket now and the demand is huge.

The advantages of this toner are better control of blackout coverage and reloading defect. This is a dedicated toner for the HP P2035/2055 printer. Furthermore, it does not compromise on the high image density, a characteristic highly demanded by the market.

With this toner, Jadi has further covered various printing requirements for the HP printer series. Jadi is always committed to offering the latest range of products in the market and ensuring high and consistent quality products at competitive pricing.

JLT-033 recommended for use in
HP P2035/ P2055 (CE505A/X)

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