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JADI has acquired AQC Group UK (Ltd)

March 22, 2016 at 6:38 pm



JADI Group of companies, a Malaysian toner manufacturer, has acquired 100 percent of AQC Group UK (Ltd), a United Kingdom European toner distributor. This acquisition is a very prospective and strategic move to combine a European distribution center and a world-class toner manufacturer together as one strong force. Through this, the European market will truly benefit having a European distribution Centre answering to their needs. At AQC Group UK (Ltd), we take pride in providing a consistent quality of toners through JADI which are also the only toner manufacturer in the world to be producing their own styrene acrylic toner – resin for their own consumption. Prior to that, our customers are also able to benefit from an ever increasing range of product ranges. These products include the Chemically Produced Toner (CPT) produced through JADI’s own proprietary Emulsion Aggregation (EA) technology.  

We see quality not only on our products but equally as much on the level of our services.  At AQC Group UK (Ltd), we aim for the highest customer satisfaction by shipping our products to our customers the same day the order has been placed. At all times, our customers can have the strongest confidence with our products and services through our dedicated technical team which is ever ready to serve. 

We are ever excited to hear from you or even have a friendly talk with you. Do contact us through the following emails:

Chris (chrisrouse@aqcgroup.co.uk)         – General Manager of AQC Group UK (Ltd)

Susan (susaneu@jadi.com.my)               – General Manager of JADI