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Financial Year endedType of DividendQuantum per SharePayment Date
31 Dec 2011Interim Tax Exempt0.2 sen3 May 2012
31 Dec 2010Interim Tax Exempt0.3 sen 23 Dec 2010
31 Dec 2009Interim Tax Exempt0.3 sen 10 Mar 2010
31 Dec 2008Interim Tax Exempt0.3 sen 8 May 2009
31 Dec 2007Interim Tax Exempt0.5 sen 11 Apr 2008
31 Dec 2006Interim Tax Exempt0.5 sen 15 Sep 2007
31 Dec 2006Interim Tax Exempt0.3 sen 15 Mar 2007


Implementation of Electronic Dividend Payment (“eDividend”)

Electronic Dividend Payment or eDividend refers to the payment of cash dividends by a listed issuer to its shareholders by directly crediting the shareholders’ cash dividend entitlements into their respective bank accounts. One of the main objectives of implementing eDividend is to promote greater efficiency of the payment system. According to the proposed implementation timeline from Bursa Malaysia, all listed issuers who announce a books closing date for cash dividend entitlements on or after 1st September 2010 are required to pay the cash dividends via eDividend to their shareholders.

Some of the benefits of the eDividend system include:
1) faster access to dividends as they are credited directly to the shareholder’s bank account
2) convenience as shareholders do not need to go to a bank
3) one-off provision of bank account details for all listed issuers on Bursa Malaysia
4) better account management as shareholders have the option to consolidate the dividends from all their CDS accounts into one bank account
5) eliminates the issue of misplaced, lost or expired cheques.

To benefit from this service, shareholders are required to provide their bank account information to Bursa Depository. This can be done by registering with your Authorized Depository Agent (ADA) or stock broker from 19th April 2010. Shareholders have a grace period of one year, until 18th April 2011 to register with their stock broker. Please refer to http://www.bursamalaysia.com/website/bm/trading/edividend.html for more information on the eDividend system.

Thank you.

JADI Investor Relations